Millions of buyers who have purchased from Honda, Toyota, Mercedes Benz, and BMW, among others, will attest that buying an import car is one of the best decisions they have ever made. Import cars typically offer great value, superb reliability, and strong styling and performance.

However, a few Americans car enthusiasts seek to import unapproved, foreign-made cars into the country. For example, they may do so in an effort to obtain a rare model not made for the American market or just for the sake of owning a unique vehicle.

There are several other reasons why individuals might make this decision, but the great majority of American car buyers will find buying import cars already approved for the American market to be a more satisfying option.

Below are three reasons why you should buy an import car that was brought into the American market by a manufacturer.

1. Simplified Buying Process

A reason why import car shoppers should buy here in the United State is the simplicity and speed of the buying process. The car purchasing process is fairly simple and takes only a few hours, in most cases, once the vehicle has been chosen. In fact, car buyers usually only need to sign a few pieces of paper before taking delivery.

The reason this process is simple and straightforward, even for an import vehicle, is that the manufacturer went to great lengths to gain approval for the American market. This approval process is costly and lengthy for the manufacturer, but their investment makes the purchasing process easy for you.

Should you wish to import a car into the United States on your own, you may have to pass through many of the same procedural hurdles imposed on manufacturers. That could cause considerable delays as you seek to bring the car into the country. While you’re waiting, you could already be driving your import car purchased here in America.

2. Adherence to Crash-Test Standards

Another reason why you should consider purchasing a pre-existing import car inside the United States is adherence to crash-test standards. Federal law requires that all cars, domestic and imports, meet existing crash-test standards before they can be sold to consumers.

As such, foreign vehicle manufacturers ensure their cars are approved by the American federal government before attempting to import them. That means that any import car you find for sale will meet crash-test standards and will provide appropriate protection in case of an accident.

If there is no existing crash-test record for a vehicle you wish to import on your own, you may need to have your own tests performed. This may be costly, as you will likely be responsible for obtaining additional crash-test specimens and paying for the costs of conducting tests.

3. Equipped With American Safety Features

The United States has adopted some of the world's strictest vehicle safety standards, and foreign car manufacturers spend many millions of dollars to equip vehicles designed for the American market with equipment that meets these standards.

For example, vehicles entering the United States must contain restraint systems, including active and passive restraints, and these restraints must meet minimum criteria to be accepted. Other safety requirements include those that stipulate direction of headlight aim, supplemental vehicle lighting, fuel-spill mitigation, brake light placement, and even speedometers marked with imperial units of measure.

If you buy an import car already inside the United States, you can be confident that it will meet or exceed these criteria, and as a result, will be safe for driving. Unfortunately, there aren't any such guarantees for vehicles you attempt to bring into the country on your own.

In fact, you will likely be required to retrofit exist such cars with the appropriate safety equipment to bring them into compliance. This can be tricky and may also cost you a considerable amount of money to achieve. Regardless of where or how you obtain your import car, be sure to contact Import Auto Maintenance for help maintaining or repairing your car. Your investment is substantial, so always trust your vehicle with the best imported car experts to keep your imported vehicle in excellent shape.