Import Auto Specialists

Import Auto Maintenance is here to help you when your import vehicle needs maintenance or repairs. You can trust our European and Asian automotive specialists to provide honest, high-quality work for import car owners in the Nashville, Tennessee area.
We know that, as the owner of an import vehicle, your car needs special care and we make it our mission to offer expert service that you can rely on. We have been here for over 40 years and the knowledge and expertise of our staff is unmatched. So whether your vehicle is due for routine maintenance or a sudden problem has appeared, know that we have the personnel to help.

Call us today at (615) 327-9600 or bring your vehicle in today and we'll have your import car back in shape in no time.
Import Auto Maintenance
Address: 490 Craighead Street, Nashville, TN 37204
Phone: (615) 327-9600