Check Engine Light Flashing Fixes

Check Engine Light Solutions for Nashville Vehicals

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Are you wondering what the check engine light means or why the check engine light is flashing?  Driving a car with a check engine light blinking can be annoying and could mean that there is a minor or major problem with your engine. Here at Import Auto Maintenance, we want to help!

Your car’s engine system has many unique parts that combine to make the whole, so it is important that it has a professional inspection to identify the core problem. Our experts at the shop would diagnose the check engine light problem meaning. Our skilled technicians would then work hard to fix the problem in an efficient manner.

What the Check Engine Light Means

CarMD, an automotive telematics company, published a list of the 10 most common check engine codes in 2018, along with their estimated cost of repair:

1. (tie) Replace ignition coil(s) and spark plug(s)
1. (tie) Replace oxygen sensor(s)
3. Replace catalytic converter(s) with a new OEM catalytic converter(s)
4. Inspect for loose gas cap and tighten or replace as necessary
5. Replace ignition coil(s)
6. Replace evaporative emissions purge control valve
7. Replace mass airflow sensor
8. Replace evaporative emissions purge solenoid
9. Replace fuel injector(s)
10. Replace thermostat

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For over 45 years, Import Auto Maintenance has been bringing you dependable car services for check engine light problems and much more for your import car. For all import car services, we are here to help!

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