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The people at Audi are committed to what it means to own and drive a precision automobile. These highly engineered machines are built to perfection, but require key maintenance and service to ensure your vehicle’s longevity


Volkswagen has evolved from an air-cooled, simple machine to a sophisticated, computer-controlled automobile. A vehicle you could fix with a simple tool kit and basic mechanical skills now requires digital diagnostic equipment and specialized training


Your BMW requires specialized service and maintenance by highly-skilled technicians. From scheduled BMW maintenance to diagnostics and repair, our technicians have the training and years of experience to keep your BMW running at its best.

Mercedes Benz

Mercedes Benz has an uncompromising approach to building automobiles. As a group, Mercedes owners have the same commitment to excellence.. We’ve created a service department that offers white glove service, quality focused work, and reasonable pricing.

Mini Cooper

Trust Import Auto Maintenance with the service and repair of your MINI. Our technicians have years of experience working on Minis and their underlying BMW technology.

If you are contemplating buying a used or older Mini, bring it to us for a pre-purchase inspection, that way we can help you avoid expensive surprises.


Volvo has a well-deserved reputation for being a durable and long-lasting automobile. One of the keys to many miles and many years is proper service. By following the recommended service schedule, your car will perform to its best and reward you with lower repair costs.

Cars built outside the U.S. often require more skilled and experienced automotive technicians.

Our experienced team works all types of import vehicles, from Audi to Volvo. If you are having problems or need maintenance service, bring your car to us today or give us a call.